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It may sound somewhat strange but it’s true in respect to Russian ladies.Your failure to give her flowers on the first date means that not only the girl of your dreams will feel devalued, but also her friends may strongly advise her against going out with you. Don’t try to understand this cultural idiosyncrasy.A true gentleman is supposed to court a lady by offering his hand to help her get out of a car or bus, open doors, carry bags, and show other little “signs of attention”.

Failure to offer your hand for balance when she is exiting a transport granted to earn you a label of inattentive and badly-mannered.(We are dead serious about it.) Thanks to Arina Kholina, who in no uncertain terms expressed what Russian women dislike in local guys and why Western men are better, now we know that girls look at the admirer’s fingers on a date, imagining how these hands will be touching her body. Since we are aware of young men’s shortcuts such as simply spraying themselves with a deodorant before a date (as opposed to taking a shower), we feel there may be the need to make this point: No deodorant is able to remove smells, which are already present. If you want to date Russian women, make peace with the responsibility of picking the tab.Hands that look rough may not inspire her imagination. Remedy: A good shower before the date and a quality antiperspirant are a must. Or don’t date Russian girls at all, it will be a waste of time if you want to insist she should be paying her half. The rules of the Russian dating etiquette state that a gentleman should not attempt to get any affection for at least a few dates.Follow the tips how to rectify the situation and avoid mistakes.During the last decade, the courtship culture in Russia progressed to this unique-bordering-on-weird flower-based dating etiquette.

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