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Talked To my bank and they are trying to fight one of the charges but since Tinder charged it one day after the other they're not sure they can get any results. Also will never be purchasing on Google Play again as they endorse this nonsense.

So basically they can double charge you, do nothing and both Google Play and Tinder do nothing to help and they charge it such a way your bank may not even be able to help. Highly recommend not purchasing this unless you have double the money ready to pay.

My profile was in the highest integrity of class and good taste. When I tried to communicate with the service team they sent me a copy and paste of their terms and policies which they said I presumably violated.

When I ask which policy exactly I had violated they didn’t even give me the courtesy of telling me which one.

If you are the poor student traveler, the barefoot books or Lonely Planet. Far more up to date than any book is by the time its been through the writing/editing/publishing stage. Rough Guide and Frommer's also have good guidebooks to Argentina.

I get travel books from my local library to read before buying any to keep.

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They keep asking me for a 17 digits number that I cannot find anywhere. It is currently the largest and most popular dating app online with over 50 million downloads.

It is best known for its extremely popular swiping feature.

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Poor quality of communication and a very low value of their customers. It renewed this month so on the day it did I checked my Visa and saw a single charge.

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