Alyssa reid and harry styles dating

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So far, Harry Styles has, as expected, done the best, with three top 5 hits including the massive #1 "Sign Of The Times", which was my #3 song of 2017.

In 2016, they started their hiatus, during which time their members embarked on solo projects to mixed success.

This worldwide success was unprecedented for a European boyband, as they usually either failed to catch on stateside, or became a one hit wonder; 1D defied all this in such a short period of time!

The five-man British boyband got their start when they appeared on the X Factor, and their success came very quickly; due to longevity from its initial UK release and holding on while it crossed the pond, their first two singles to chart for me - "What Makes You Beautiful" (due to longevity, their best charter - barely, by only 0.4%! For the following few years, they released one album per year; over this time, "Live While We're Young", "You And I" and "Night Changes" all topped my chart, and "Perfect" made the top five.

The "Illuminate" era continued the top 10 hits with three more, but it wasn't until his third, self-titled album came out that this teen idol showed a new maturity in his sound and songwriting; indeed, its lead single "In My Blood" was his first #1 on my chart, and follow-ups "Nervous" and "Lost In Japan" also did well.

His debut album "Handwritten" was a huge smash as "Something Big" became his breakthrough top 10 hit on my chart, followed by an also impressive run for "Stitches".

Elise Estrada - Unlove You Born January 25, 1981, New York, NY, USA At #58 we find one of the biggest soul stars of the 21st century... Her blend of piano playing and a distinctive, emotional voice really catapulted her to superstardom back in 2001 and her album "Songs In A Minor" and lead single "Fallin'", to date her only #1 on my chart, were instant smashes. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) (with The Vamps) 59. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine Mc Vie - In My World 896. Plumb - Need You Now (How Many Times) London, UK (2010-2016; on hiatus; all solo members still active) If there was any act who defined 2010's heartthrobs, it has to be One Direction! Another British group - the highest ranked act to never have a #1 on my chart.

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However, it really accelerated with the huge hit "Don't Speak" - that was one of my favourite songs of the entire 90's, and the entire "Tragic Kingdom" album was excellent.