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Error in Attribute query request, Attribute Query Transaction err=Cannot resolve hostname, Attribute Query Transaction descr=Error resolving: Name or service not known, Attribute Query Transaction status Code=502 contains the correct role mapping with ";" at the end of each role name.

User cannot log in after successful assertion validation.

API and CLI commands cannot be performed by users that are defined only in SAML.

This is because the user password is never sent in the SAML assertion.

You can change the username to lowercase in the Id P or configure the Id P to accept the lowercase version of a username.

Unable to authenticate SSO users for CLI commands You can add the SAML users as native Splunk users.

That means that you can integrate Cloudera Navigator with SSO solutions such as Shibboleth or CA Single Sign-On (formerly, Site Minder).

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The messages can be used to troubleshoot configuration issues related to federated authentication and your Id P.