Blackberry calendaring not updating to notes of inundating

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Blackberry calendaring not updating to notes

Sync Mate 4 will keep data on your Mac in perfect sync with Black Berry phone.

No matter which data you need to sync - contacts, calendars, media files, notes or stickies - all of that and even more can be synced with Sync Mate 4.

Would you like to be able to import your team(s) schedules into your other calendars, and automatically sync when those schedules change?

This website provides a Live Calendar "Feed" which allows programs like Microsoft Outlook®, services like Google Calendar™, or devices like the Apple i Phone™ to import and combine with your other calendars.

The calendars will be updated each time Outlook® performs a Send & Receive, which typically happens automatically every 30 minutes (but can also happen on-demand).

The live calendar feed from this website has been set to update no more frequently than every 3 hours, however.

Black Berry® Users: For devices running Black Berry OS 10 (BB10) or higher, the calendar feeds should work just fine.

However, prior to BB10 RIM had decided not to support "over-the-air" calendar feeds in their devices so they won't work.

The first challenge was moving Blackberry Address Book and Notepad entries to OS X Contacts and Notes, respectively, on my Mac.

For more detailed instructions than those provided here (or for instructions about a different scenario), consult the documentation for your program / device, or search the web for "Import Calendar Feed Into [ Use the steps found above to select the team(s) you wish to include, optionally including alerts for certain event types, to generate your calendar feed address (located in the box for step 3 above).

Once you have your customized address to the calendar feed, you can import it into your calendar.

My 8330 is an outstanding phone: it's built like a tank, has excellent call clarity, a superb speaker phone, a great keyboard, good battery life, a decent camera, and useful built-in apps.

It survived a four-foot drop onto concrete without a scratch, as well as numerous fumbles, bobbles, and falls from my desk or pocket over the years.

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