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Located in the city center, where the government offices are, it provides outdoor leisure activities to the public.

Burgers are made to order so you will need to wait for yours, but most reviews say it’s worth it.

The city of Valenzuela is straddled between the border of Metro Manila and its nearby province, Bulacan.

For its residents, this means having the best of both worlds: city living and the opportunities that come with it, while having an easy escape from the bright lights with rural Bulacan just a stone’s throw away.

Visitors, however, may be limited to view the house from the street as the premises is off-limits to the public.

Address: Velilla Street, Pariancillo Villa, Valenzuela, Metro Manila Duration: around 1 hour required.

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Now, it connects Mac Arthur Highway with the nearest expressway out of Metro Manila.

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