Cancer dating scorpio horny woman florida dating

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Also, both signs seek security and stability in life and value emotional and physical fidelity, so they would never cheat on their partner.

They're both very loyal, trustworthy, and committed, so they won't stray from the relationship.

Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac and Scorpio is sensitive and intense, which means that they'll be great parents - very protective and caring.

Their home will be a warm, cozy, and loving space, one any child would thrive in.

Cancer is drawn to Scorpio magnetically, and Scorpio finds comfort and solace in the arms of Cancer. When it comes to Cancer and Scorpio friendship and love compatibility, these two signs match intuitively and emotionally.

Because they're both Water signs they're able to connect on a deep spiritual level.

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Also, the Cancer is known to hold grudges, while the Scorpio is vengeful, which means that this zodiac couple must learn how to forgive and forget.

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