Carbon dating and turin shroud

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Carbon dating and turin shroud

Because every blood clot is pristine, with perfect edges, and hasn’t been touched.Anyone who has bled into their shirt knows that when you take the shirt off, you break the blood clots.During this time, numerous people called up the scientists and wrote letters to them about what was wrong with the carbon dating. One day in August 2001, Sue Benford and Joe Marrino, members of the Lunatic Fringe, asked the right question.These people were called “the lunatic fringe” because everything they said didn’t make any sense. Sue Benford was a nurse who had been watching TV in 1997 and heard of the Shroud for the first time. But she was convinced by the evidence that the Shroud was real.The body is leaking blood into the Shroud and forming blood clots.The issue is how to get the body out of the Shroud without breaking the blood clots.The second part, The Physical Science study, can be read here.

We’re not going to figure out exactly how that happened, but we sure know how that event affected the Shroud’s surface. The preponderance of the evidence, enough to convict somebody in a court of law, is overwhelming. Is this a fake because carbon dating said that it was made in the middle ages?International protocol recommends 6 sample sites for carbon dating.The Turin scientists and a cardinal, at the last moment, threw out that recommendation out and only took one sample site.The sample that they chose to take was from the corner close to where a piece had been cut out in the 16th century.Then Raymond Rogers, the original chemist from Los Alamos who studied the Shroud back in 1978 with the American team, did a study from 2001 to 2005.

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If the linen is the photographic plate, it can’t be wrapping him tight. The effect of the tightly wrapped Shroud should be a cylindrical distortion of the image, but there is no cylindrical distortion of the image in the Shroud.

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