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Chris brown and rhianna dating

Chris Brown was duly charged for the assault, though he managed to avoid jail time because she declined to press charges, Brown who was 20 at the time was sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of community labour to be served in Virginia.

He was also charged to complete a year of domestic violence classes, as well as fines.

It is said that Chris Brown was inspired to sing originally from his mother, but then once he started dating superstar Rihanna, he learned a great deal about singing from her. But if rihanna have herpies they who did she get it from?? H0PE i T HELPED Y0U.♥ no he does not, rihanna was just playing with him because…

I dont know for sure what caused him to start singing, but i dont think he is the best singer out there. Yes obviously he hit her because she were defending her self because rihanna saw Paris Hilton number in his phone so she got jealous and saw the two were that how the fight start.

The singer has also appeared in a handful of Hollywood movies including ‘Battleship’ (2012), ‘This Is The End’ (2013) and Home (2015).

She has been featured in several fashion magazines including Vogue and Vibe which have brought in a lot of money.

She earned about million endorsing the Reb’lleur fragrance.

Some of her relationships were highly publicised while others were not.

In 2008, of her many relationships, her stint with the singer Chris Brown was the most loved and publicised by fans and the entertainment world.

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