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Consolidating credit cards chase

Make sure you know when your intro offer expires and what APR you’ll need to pay on any remaining balance.

Regardless of your industry, nearly every business has quarters that are busier than others — and periods when revenue can be sporadic at best.

Additionally, most credit cards charge balance transfer fees of 3% to 8% of the transfer amount.

So, while you may not be charged interest on a transferred balance with an intro-APR deal, you’ll still likely need to pay the balance transfer fee.

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when using an intro-APR offer, of course, including the fact that introductory offers tend to expire.

Once your promotional period is over, any remaining balance will be subject to the regular APR, which is typically much higher.

If you’re using your credit cards to keep the business going during dry spells, your high-interest balances can add up quickly. Bank Business Edge™ Platinum Card offers a competitive 20-month 0% intro-APR period for balance transfers and new purchases, as well as a low regular APR thereafter.You should also remember that balance transfers don’t earn rewards, even when transferred to a rewards credit card.Transfers also won’t generally count toward the spending requirement for a signup bonus or other rewards promotions.You’ll need to become a member of Aspire Credit Union to apply for its credit cards, but you can become eligible for membership if you work for a Select Employer Group or by joining the American Consumer Council.Balance transfer offers available to those with fair credit are likely to be much more limited than those open to consumers with higher scores, so be sure to read the fine print carefully before signing up.

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Whether you’re having trouble keeping up with the cost of everyday living or just have a hard time saying no to a good sale, it’s all too easy to swipe and click your way into more debt than you can manage.

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