Dating a third year med student jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

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Dating a third year med student

Wait until you're past the MSI, breaking-in-medical-school phase.

Wait until you're past the MSII, freaking-out-about-Step-1 phase.

Clearly reddit hates all things marriage, but I'd still like to know what your thoughts are on the subject. I'm an MS1, and I married in my gap year before medschool.

We have a healthy-ish relationship, in which when there is complications or problems, we try to work through them, but of course we have our own priorities and emotions so those sometimes get in the way; all in all pretty normal I think.

I say, if you have a healthy relationship; you communicate, you meet-halfway on things, and you are happy; go for it. This might not be the response you are looking for, but depending on the state in which you live if you get married during medschool and then divorced later on she is entitled to an incredibly high percentage of your income because she helped you through medschool.

But for a real healthy and united relationship, it is totally navigable. Residency you might have less than preferable choice on where you want to live, so she would hopefully have to be able to move there with you. My life as a med student got infinitely better once I was in a serious relationship and now married.It's obvious reading your post how important to you your relationship is with your girlfriend.My most sincere and honest advice is not to rush into a marriage with her.It'd be nice to have a wife through medical school and residency, but only if your relationship is healthy, and you guys are united and have lots of real love Just get married whenever you want to. It's great to have a partner to support you, someone to look forward to coming home to at the end of the day - a reason to get your work done and go home! School doesn't get easier after M1 until M4 year.Learn to be a person that also happens to be going to medical school, rather than letting it define your life. I'm not married and I'm not in med school, yet. But then this is followed with residency, including the tough intern year.

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For medical school, and residency, you'll have someone to come home to after your shifts, and someone to help cook for you and take care of you when you need.