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Dating advice targeting women by age

Remember a Philippine lady is looking for more than financial support.She will look up to you for her physical and emotional needs as well as financial support so stay strong and your relationship will thrive, regardless of age gap!She wants an emotionally stable man who can handle a relationship without needing mistresses on the side.

When it comes to dating, there is an unspoken dating age rule.

When you first look at Internet Dating sites you will see some Filipinas looking for a man aged 29 to 79. She also sees a 79 year old, and all ages in between, as equally mature.

This may seem odd in your culture but is perfectly understandable here. Not everyone is that flexible in the range of ages they prefer.

The partner to a Filipina needs to have charm, wit and intelligence.

This is assumed because you are smart enough to get to Philippines and charming enough to capture her heart so foreigners start with an advantage here.

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A typical Philippine woman wants a man who has financially established himself, to the point where he does not need to leave and go to work for days at a time.