Dating again after a broken heart

Posted by / 20-Apr-2019 11:03

When we invest ourselves, our time, our emotions, and our hearts into building a life with a partner, we are feeding our hope, nurturing our happiness.A break up cannot only destroy that happiness but also diminish or even rob us of any hope of ever finding love again.

“People come into our lives for different reasons, and we are shaped and molded by relationships,” said Marter.

“There is a lot of grief, and people often feel like ‘I’m not lovable,’” said Marter. Friends affirmed that I was a “great catch” and that l would meet someone else, but all the while he still existed, living in the same apartment only miles away, taking calls on the same phone that he never answered when I called because he wanted nothing to do with me any longer.

There is no socially established mourning process for the death of a relationship. It took long months for that pain to begin to subside.

Finding the strength to search for the wisdom embedded in the hurt can be daunting though.

Recognizing that healing is a helped me to try to focus on living my new life one day at a time.

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There were, however, many days when I struggled to find anything for which I was grateful. “What is most important,” Marter said, “is to surround yourself with people who bring you up. If you aren’t there yet, have hope that you will hope to have love again.” Hope does indeed spring eternal, and when the heart is ready, it will open up to love again.