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The couple may be required to perform certain responsibilities in preparation for their wedding.These responsibilities are determined by the officiant.Basically, in mitosis the mother cell divides into two daughter cells which are genetically identical to each other and to the parent cell. Interface -where cell prepares for cell division and it also includes three other phases such as G1 (growth), S (synthesis), and G2 (second gap) 2.

Fresh fruits such as blueberries, and the 'heart' berry, strawberries, are served if available. In a traditional wedding, the food is placed on a blanket, served buffet style. The Elders and the official will eat first, then the bride, groom, sponsors and other guests. All of the food is either eaten or given away to the Elders.

Metaphase I – Homologous pairs move along the metaphase plate, kinetochore microtubules from both centrioles attach to the homologous chromosomes align along an equatorial plane. Anaphase I – shortening of microtubules, pulling of chromosomes toward opposing poles, forming two haploid sets 5.

Telophase I – arrival of chromosomes to the poles with each daughter cell containing half the number of chromosomes 6.

Gametes formations occur in animal cell and meiosis is necessary for sexual reproduction which occurs in eukaryotes.

Meiosis influence stable sexual reproduction by halving of ploidy or chromosome count.

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If the couple separates and goes their separate ways, in the eyes of the Creator, they are still husband and wife.

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