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Before God established these laws, marriage between brothers and sisters was allowed.For example, Abraham married his half-sister (Genesis ).If you are not sure, we would encourage you to check with a lawyer in that state.Here is a general summary of United States law regarding marriage from Law QA by Total Attorneys.The primary thrust of the passage is to forbid illicit marriages, as the prohibition against adultery was assumed (cf. Also assumed is the prohibition against marrying a non-Israelite (forbidden in Deut. The following regulations can be gleaned from this section. 18:7) or his sister (or half-sister; first degree of consanguinity according to modern genetics, v. Prohibition of marriage to one’s daughter was assumed and so not mentioned (cf.

Second, we are assuming that when you married in the United States, you did not violate any of the laws in the state in which you were married.

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The Hebrew words for “uncover nakedness” imply sexual relations. It should be noted that God does not prohibit marriage with a brother’s wife in the case of a Leverite marriage (Deuteronomy ).

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