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Dating craftsman planes

What I want to know is how to identify different hand planes to know what I have and if they have any special uses. 6 stamped on the end, though I had to clean the rust off to read it.

The blades, depending on what is available given the planes manufacturer, would be able to do moulding, rabbeting, beading, ooges, grooves.... My go-to source for Stanley hand plane information is Patrick Leach's Blood & Gore webpage.

They are also shorter than a jointer plane but tend to be larger than the smoother. used before a jointer or a smoother depending on the project.

Jointer These are some of the easier ones to spot as they are the family of long planes given there nature of true up panel faces and edges.

Blades would have the same shape as the cutting edge of modern bits for a powered router. Scraper This one works just like a card scraper except that there is a body and handle to hold the card/blade as supposed to free hand. Grooving/Plow Similar type of planes that can be used to cut tongue and groove (Older wooden varieties came in a matched pair) and rabbets.

The blades were not that wide and the had fences to govern depth of cut and help run along a boards edge.

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