Dating disasters

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One women who Jon tried to call left a voice mail where she instantly rejected Jon.

Garfield then concludes that Jon is a dating disaster.

Meanwhile Garfield and Odie are spying on them and Garfield is surprised that Monica would want to go out with him.

The two then overhear Morton talking on the phone with Monica's father about Jon.

The episode resumes where it left off where Jon is walking to meet his date.

By this point, I just waited until my washer rinse and spin cycles were done so I put the clothes in the dryer on low and decided to go and grab some dinner.

" I looked up and said "pardon" and he repeated "It's all delicious! Mario asks why I am making this face and I said "It isn't everyday a stranger asks to join my table." He then says "So, where is your boyfriend tonight? ) Mario the Croatian continues to make small talk and I continue to try and deflect questions about where I live or where exactly I work by making gross generalizations.

" I laughed nervously and hoped he would continue on his way.

Garfield explains that Jon has dated many women over the years, each ending in failure.

The longest date Jon has been on was with a women named Cynthia Underburger.

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After Jon gets ready for his date, Odie confirms the event as the cat is left in awe.

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