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Dating healthcare workers

Standard practice can be followed in immunising schoolgirls who are old enough to be pregnant.

In one published series of infection in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients infection often remained subclinical and similar to that of healthy children.There are currently no recommendations for excluding women from such settings for the following reasons: There may be specific circumstances that make the risk to a pregnancy of contracting mumps higher for particular individuals. There is no evidence, that we are aware of, to support the use of human normal immunoglobulin for contacts of cases as this has not been shown to have any benefit.There is no evidence we are aware of that pregnant women are at any higher risk of complications of mumps than other adults and no specific treatment other than supportive is recommended.Other countries have carried out similar evaluations of the impact of rubella vaccine and found no increased risk to children.If a pregnant woman receives or if she becomes pregnant within 4 weeks after vaccination then she should be informed about the theoretical risk to the fetus and the risk put in context (outlined above).

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