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Greeting the wife could be interpreted as showing too much interest.

Tip for male travelers: A woman might place a hand on her heart when greeting you, which means that she would not like to shake hands with a strange man.

Motives of decision making are also different, with the Western culture being more individualistically oriented.

Jordanian women, on the other hand, are more focused and make decisions based on the collective interest of the family.

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In Jordan, both men and women, expose as little skin as possible and always cover upper arms.

Here is something worth knowing: When being offered something, it is actually considered polite to refuse a few times before accepting!

Public displays of affection between a man and a woman like holding hands or kissing are not recommended, even if the couple is married.Although, you might have to say this a few times due to the ritual of polite insistence…A tip for female travelers in Jordan: If you’re happen to be invited to a local family for dinner, it might be handy to wear trousers instead of skirts or low cut waists. Most of the people sit on the ground to eat and you need to bend over to reach the food.On this way you’re sure to not show any cleavage, whether it’s on the front or the back!Jordanians also eat with their right hand, as the left one is for the toilet.

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