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However perky and tempting they may look, gentlemen, this is not the time to compliment them. They are so causal you would think you are talking about the weather. But when it comes to dating, no woman wants to be rushed through the motions. A couple of dinner, movie and out of town dates before mentioning about getting between the sheets. The house girl, neighbours’ pretty Form Three daughter, colleagues, clients, distant relatives..list is endless. Anything in a skirt excites and fires up their loins. They have perfected the art of seduction and are extremely manipulative and deceitful.

“Nice pair of mammary glands you got there.” Really? Some, when they are not dangling car keys, they are bragging about this or that achievement, expecting women to fall for them. Most men will meet you today, and just because they’ve bought you a bottle of beer, start itching to bed you —that very day. Team mafisi, tone it down These types of men are always ogling and simply cannot keep their zippers up. Tall, short, thin, plump, intelligent, meat, right? They relentlessly pursue their next conquest with any available resource they have.

Moving that fast is as annoying as a woman asking you for money or to pay her rent on the first date. ‘I will use just the tip’ lie As a woman, when you give a man a chance, you want time to study him.

Get to know more about him before you get involved physically. All your efforts to explain and plead about how you are not ready for a ‘gland-to-gland combat’ will fall on deaf ears. Look here, the moment your ‘dudu’ gets in touch with my ‘passion pit’ we will be ‘playing the big game itself’. Only fools fall for that ‘I will only use the tip’ nonsense.

We are the leading Nairobian dating site that primarily connect single women and men in Nairobi, but also include all kenyan women willing to date in kenya and those in the diaspora.Internet dating has changed the way people meet and made it easier for people looking for love to find their other half.In our site you will find many kenyan singles in nairobi for dating, relationships and even marriages.He will insist and beg for ‘it’, and when you stick to your guns, he drops the bombshell: “Please, then, let me just use the tip”! Don’t even try to make it look like there is something such as ‘just using the tip’. See, It’s not like the ‘bedroom marathon’ won’t happen, it will (heck, we also like it), but, for cry out loud, give us time. Even when we give it up, please don’t be in a hurry to introduce to us those crazy styles.

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Xnairobi is the place where new relationships begin! As a member, you can be sure to mingle with local women and men of all ages - young girls, middle aged youth, older women and even teen singles over 18 years dating.

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  1. Navigating the application is pretty straightforward. You have the ability to filter women based on your own preferences, and can then either initiate a chat or direct message with them (based on your membership level).

  2. If an online match seems to be rushing the getting-to-know-each-other phase and jumping right into declarations of “I’ve been waiting for someone like you for my whole life” or “I can’t believe we found each other,” and you haven’t met in person yet, they could be trying to appeal to your emotional side.