Dating my bc rich guitar 46 male dating in jupiter florida

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Dating my bc rich guitar

I have an nj series warlock i got in a trade, which has become my. I have a blood red thru the neck BC RICH that has no serial number that I I've had a BC Rich Platinum ST model electric guitar in my.

These guitars were all Basswood with a maple neck and Rosewood. Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although.

At least some of these had necks and bodies which were made by Wayne Charvel, who was in the parts business at the time. The fingerboard is nicely wide, like you might expect from someone who, well, played flamenco!

Rico guitars was impounded by customs awaiting a decision.

Listen to the Mockingbird Things began to evolve quickly from that point on. Some differences exist in reported accounts about who was actually responsible for the origins of the Bich design. Rich guitars were handmade, especially the neck-throughs, the production work involved a lot of handcarving, which was frequently done by skilled Mexican woodcarvers. Rich guitars were neck-throughs, however, some of the main models were also built with bolt-on necks.

This hand-crafted element explains why so many variations often exist between the same models of early B. One of these was the Son of a Rich, which was basically a bolt-neck Bich.

We thought it would be cool to make a guitar that had a body shaped like a Harley Davidson gas tank, and that was the Fat Bob.

Over the years, only about 35 doubleneck guitars were built.

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The mass was spread out over a wider area and it had great harmonic overtones. Production Series Again, as with other major American manufacturers, Rico also sooned turned to Korea as a source for budget models. Innovation In , the Innovator bass also appeared, another guitar which is in the newly revived B. When we got into the more commercial Strat-shaped guitars, we put it on. Looked everywhere and can't find this guitar anywhere. I would love to know the year of my guitar If someone can help.

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