Dating my massage therapist

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Dating my massage therapist

At a church gathering once, the minister, a well-intentioned fellow who I knew pretty well, said, “Charlotte, tell us about your work as a masseuse.” My standard response—which I had always thought was pretty funny—was, “I prefer to be called a massage therapist.

In my mind, masseuse means prostitute, and I don’t have that much fun.” Yep, I dropped that line in the middle of a church gathering.

Lesson Learned Some of us are better at reading a social group than others, but my ineptitude made it clear I had a lot to learn about reading a group before using even the slightest bit of off-color humor.

Cultural Insensitivity While working in a hospital as the lead medical massage therapist, I was often overworked, stressed, and moving way too quickly.

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Stay keenly aware of body parts traditionally viewed as private and always ask permission—and explain why you are trespassing—before starting the work. He had severe scoliosis and extreme hypertonicity, and asked if he could get a full treatment on his back. I tried to keep our personal relationship separate from our professional one, but it was impossible.

Although it may be hard to believe after reading this, I have never been tossed out of the profession or reprimanded by a state board.

But in 17 years of practicing massage therapy, I have made some whopping errors.

Start at the Bottom An elderly gentleman was suffering from severe sciatica.

This necessitated my having to work on his lumbar spine and gluteal regions.

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