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Proximity is not just about geographic distance, but rather functional distance, or the frequency with which we cross paths with others.For example, college students are more likely to become closer and develop relationships with people on their dorm-room floors because they see them (i.e., cross paths) more often than they see people on a different floor.It also explores how the Internet influences how we meet people and develop deep relationships.

[Image: Cheri Lucas Rowlands, Cc0Q, CC BY-SA 2.0, Us F] has been found to be a significant factor in the development of relationships.

Moreland and Beach (1992) demonstrated this by exposing a college class to four women (similar in appearance and age) who attended different numbers of classes, revealing that the more classes a woman attended, the more familiar, similar, and attractive she was considered by the other students.

There is a certain comfort in knowing what to expect from others; consequently research suggests that we like what is familiar.

What is interesting about that notion is when people are asked to describe the basic necessities for life—people will most often say food, water, and shelter, but seldom do people list “close relationships” in the top three.

Yet time and time again, research has demonstrated that we are social creatures and we need others to survive and thrive.

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Given that close relationships are so vital to well-being, it is important to ask how interpersonal relationships begin.