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He was more advanced on the spiritual path, and he could easily see when she was lost in her lower chakras, confused, or too attached.

She talked to James about her unease, and he pointed out that her lack of trust and surrender was an obvious cause of unease.

Our vision is to enable all people like us to ascend the challenges faced in the modern world, allowing for safe and rewarding interaction between those who are at one with the universe.

The time she spent with him was so intense that it was nice to have a few days between sessions to integrate.We may desire new friendships that help us reflect upon our own ideas and realizations.... It can be frustrating and disappointing to be missing that "connection" with many of the people we meet.We are tired of the same materialistic and mundane conversations day after day.She didn’t like it when he canceled plans to meet her at the last minute, but she understood that she shouldn’t be attached to something, just because it was on her calendar. The time he spent with Carina reduced almost overnight from three sessions per week to one, or even one every other week.When Carina told James how painful she found this, he pointed out that she was too attached to him, and to their time together, and that she needed to cultivate a more spiritual, detached attitude.

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Are you looking for others who you can connect with and possibly cultivate some meaningful friendships?

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