Faculty dating graduate students

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Faculty dating graduate students

Nothing in this Policy limits or alters the University’s Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policy or its Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.

A student or any other member of the community may lodge a complaint of sexual harassment with the Dean of Students or with the Executive Director of the Equal Opportunity Office (who also functions as the University’s Title IX Coordinator).

The woman said that, when she was a student, John P.Therefore, Boston University’s policy is that no affiliate shall supervise a student with whom the affiliate has a consensual romantic or sexual relationship.Affiliates should avoid supervising any student with whom the affiliate has had a romantic or sexual relationship in the past.Others have toughened their policies to require professors to give up supervisory or evaluative roles over students with whom they are involved, and to report such relationships to their own supervisors.But many schools have vague policies or no explicit restrictions at all on consensual relationships between faculty and students.

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It would also require professors to recuse themselves from academic responsibility for students with whom the professors have an existing relationship.

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