Free adult animated chatbot online

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Free adult animated chatbot online

National Geographic Messenger chatbot will welcome us and ask if we are ready to learn more about the world through their game.Once we agree, it will allow us to choose the field that seems interesting. Geography, history, wild animals, space or exact sciences.You can see how raw chatbot code looks like under the hood.Mondly is a language learning platform which focuses on interactive online lessons.

Instead of scripted responses based on specific text input, they detect users’ intent.Then it will ask us three test questions and check our knowledge. Code Monkey’s Chatbot is a bot you can program on your own using Python.But that’s not all, because if we answer badly, it explains to us what is the correct answer, thanks to that we can learn something wise. It is a good example of interactive chatbot edutainment at its best.The app stirred much controversy because of a hoax perpetrated by the internet users concerned with child safety.Visual Dialog is a visual chatbot which can interpret images.

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The chatbot is based on computer vision and neural network technologies.

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