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I will start off by saying that I live in California's bay area where generally ownership of guns is frowned upon.

I went to my very first gun show at the beginning of the year and purchased my very first handgun, the Beretta 92fs, a model that I have admired ever since first seeing it equipped by Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 1 (and because the Glock is ugly as fuck).

To read any set of statistics about guns in the United States is to read about men.

Surveys typically assess gun ownership by household, meaning that if one person keeps a gun, his or her choice ends up representing the preference of everyone in the home.

That said, just like alcoholics and alcohol, some people do not want guns around for whatever reason. I have no reason to convince them guns are safe in the right hands. I do not talk guns, show them guns, or carry guns around them. Edit: as long as they are responsible with them and it's a hobby.

I don't value the whole gangsta outlook on life..

It's a disparity made all the more striking by the fact that 74 percent of the women we polled believe that men have a different mindset about guns than they do.

Many attributed this to the fact that men are made more comfortable with guns from an early age, from toys to hunting, and that women aren't as often exposed.

When I tell people I own a handgun the general response (especially from females) is usually negative and it seems like they think I will eventually shoot up a school. Tools can be used for good or for evil depending on the person wielding it.

My family have all hunted at some point and two of my brothers have been hunting/fishing guides in the past.

My husband and I currently own 2 pistols, a rifle or two, and a 12 ga shotgun. owning one to hunt game, but the idea of getting a gun because it seemed badass in a movie doesn't sit that comfortably with me.

I'm ok fighting with my fists and bat or knives if it comes to that. I understand the recreational use as well, beyond home protection. I have no desire to hunt, and if I did I'd rather use a bow and track and just... Guns are for video games as far as I'm concerned.

Hell I'm ok dying if it means never owning a gun. I remember getting in a brawl with a guy who was repping a neighborhood gang, and my buddy called over some muscle (our friends, brothers gang members) to protect us for the night and it just... In high school I remember being at a party where someone unloaded a shotgun into the ceiling, there were maybe a hundred people in this house, I doubt they even knew if anyone was upstairs.

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