Harbhajan singh dating geeta basra

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A glimpse on Geeta Basra’s early life and career will share some eye-opening facts about her!Geeta Basra was born to a Punjabi family settles outside the national boundaries. Geeta Basra date of birth is March 13th in the year 1984 and Geeta Basra age is 31 years currently.The last few days have gone into rehearsing for the show and believe me there was a lot of hard work involved.Since this showcases India in all its glory, the organizers (Moranis) have made it concept based", she reveals. "We are celebrating all the major festivals of India and hence you would get the essence of Diwali , Id, Vaisakhi, Ganpati et al.There is a right dose of entertainment interspersed with patriotism in the song and dance event."How was the experience shaking a leg or two at the stage?

Harbhajan's schedule was so busy that he could just arrive 2 days before the marriage on 20th Feb 2010.

Geeta Basra was one time famous model and actress and Geeta Basra wiki is adorned with a few mettles in Indian cinema.

Harbhajan Singh wife Geeta Basra biography is an insight on who is Geeta Basra, Harbhajan Singh wife profession and sexy model Geeta Basra personal life.

I dance to some of the most entertaining tracks like 'Bole Chooriyan' [K3G], 'Salaam E Ishq' [Salaam E Ishq], 'Dupatta' [Partner] and 'Guitar' [Apna Sapna Money Money]. Swaroop, the choreographer of the show, has made sure that each of the performances stand out.

He is truly one of the most gifted choreographers I have come across", she signs off.

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So the entire marriage arrangements were made by Bhajji's friend Sanjeev Rai Bitta, general secretary of the Jalandhar District Cricket Association All rights reserved.

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