How to deal with teenagers dating

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How to deal with teenagers dating

Instead, have faith that your child can make up their own mind about the kind of person they want to be with.

And, in the meantime, suck it up and welcome the object of their affections. At the time, the emotions were intense and you thought you knew what you were doing.

The preteen and teen years aren’t easy on you or your child.

At this age, it probably means your son or daughter is sitting next to a special someone at lunch or hanging out at recess.It can be difficult, but a calm and thoughtful approach will be best all round. You might struggle to see any redeeming features in the object of your son or daughter’s affection, but that doesn’t matter a bit.Your teenager loves this person and that’s what matters at the moment.Despite knowing that almost every teenager will fall in love at some point, when it happens parents can find the whole experience something of a shock. The news that your child is now in a relationship can trigger all kinds of feelings: Outrage that they dare, jealousy that they can, fear that they might get into difficulties and dismay at the proof your youngster is growing up.Here are a few bits of advice to help you cope with their emotional roller-coaster ride… However, it’s quite important you work out which parts of your reaction are helpful to what’s going on and which are about you.

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Don’t minimize, trivialize, or make fun of your child’s first relationship.

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