I want to have dirty sex chat with a woman

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The thoughts of the dangers involved with this sent me over…Continue reading I was soon the slut of the year and appeared to be a cock hungry whore. It probably wasn't more than a minute or so before I heard her gag as I thrust one last time and embedded my dick as deep in her throat…Continue reading You're gasping, trembling - dripping down the length of my cock - moaning deliciously - so yes I'll fuck you - but you've been such a bad girl, and this is your punishment - so you're gonna have to beg me - beg me to fuck you hard, to fill you with all my cum - tell me what a dirty little slut you are - tell me how much you want it…Continue reading As he slipped inside her, some of the slime from her previous fucks oozed out of her sex, dripping down over the base of Jack's cock and balls as he ground his pelvic bone into hers.I watched as they lifted me on top of a guy who was laying on his back and guided his cock into my pussy, another one climbed on me from behind and the camera zoomed in for a close up of the two cocks sliding in and out of my stretched out pink hole…Continue reading I giggled and said, “I’m touching myself! ” Once again there was a minute or two of silence, then, “I wish I was there with you! The feeling was wonderful as her slimy pussy sucked him in.“ very quickly but you’ll have her hounding you for sex… The art of dirty talking to girls and how to do it properly, so that you can have her in your bed with just one text. ANSWER All girls respond V-E-R-Y well to dirty talk! But they need to be warmed up first before you start spouting deliciously filthy words to make her wet and begging you to pin her down. attraction isn’t an on/off switch, it’s a dimmer switch you need to turn up slowly.texting you at all hours, calling you, messaging you on Facebook… Also if you can do this with multiple women, it can lead to a very healthy sex life for you. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s first answer a common question…I get this question a lot. Girls need to be able to trust you implicitly and feel extremely comfortable in your presence before you can start talking dirty to them.And then her mouth opened…Continue reading I had for the very first time in my life a dick shoved in my mouth which I sucked on greedily. I love the way you eat my pussy baby…Continue reading I began thrusting my hips and sinking my dick as deeply into Sue's throat as I've ever done.I felt fingers probing my anus which nearly made my body explode with lust, and it wasn't long before the colored guy stiffened and began pumping his load into me. She's an incredible cocksucker and I enjoy her mouth and throat immensely in those morning sessions.but THEN I will throw in the word romantically which quickly lightens the mood and turns it into a very innocent sounding question.

For example, as you’re humping away you could get right up close to her ear and whisper… Or“Baby your ass is perfect” (whilst slapping a cheek).I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when he pushed it in… He had gone coy over the past 2 years and she hadn’t seen his emerging manhood in that time.I had for the very first time in my life a dick shoved in my mouth which I sucked on greedily. I was soon the slut of the year and appeared to be a cock hungry whore... Years of sleeping with my dad had obviously conditioned my mother. My arms encircled her just below her unbound breasts and her ass was tightly pressed against my crotch... She did remember that even then, 2 years ago at the age of 12 his cock and balls were as big as that of many men…Continue reading“Mom, how does a guy’s dick fit into a woman’s pussy? “The hole kinda looks too small.” “Well, you see, a woman’s vagina is flexible, so it stretches to fit around the man’s penis when they are having sex. I leaned over and lapped up the folds of her swollen pussy lips. ” she ordered, adding a hint of dominance to her voice. I can’t remember what I read exactly but it said something like… whether it’s in the bedroom, in a text message or even on the phone. I never realised the true power of talking dirty to a girl until I read an article online one day randomly and just started implementing it on all of my girls (mostly during foreplay).

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be sure to kick things off with a fantasy swap or Q&A session that will set you off on the right “dirty” track.

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