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Sometimes, we even prefer talking to people online rather than actually talking to people who are with us.Because of this, one might say that Facebook, the immensely popular website that ultimately changed the social media landscape, can know a person better than his or her own parents.After the meet-ups you have until the following Wednesday to indicate who you’d like to see again.You can of course choose to see more than one person again.However, what will happen when it uses all the data it has accumulated from us in finding each of our own matches?Will it create more relevant and perfect matches compared to other dating apps?Visit your city site to see exactly how the groups are defined there (i.e.Homepage Your City page) Group 1: 20 – 35 years Group 2: 30 – 45 years Group 3: 45 – 55 years The age classifications are used as a guide and may vary slightly depending on the ages given.

This is why we have the final meet-up at the end of the evening where all the participants meet again.

You and your team partner will go together from bar to bar.

Your team partner will of course also receive access to the voting.

If you sign up by yourself, we’ll assign you a team partner.

If you are signing up as a team, please indicate the name of your partner.

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Founded in February 2004, the infamous social media site has since then been collecting data on us--our location, our habits, our likes and more!