Intimidatingly pretty fun at thirty dating

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Intimidatingly pretty

Turns out the police probably won’t respond to your home security system when it goes off. Paired with a 24/7 human surveillance team, DS can nearly instantaneously identify and react to intruders. Deep Sentinel hopes to make your security a lot smarter … Officially launching at CES this week, Deep Sentinel — a high-def home security system backed in part by Jeff Bezos — uses the same tech that self-driving car companies use to identify perceived threats, but around your property instead of on the road.— Abbie Barronian, assistant editor I’m probably one of the slowest runners you’ll ever meet.I used to really beat myself up about it, but when I signed up for my first ultra a couple of years ago, I discovered that, while I’m not great at speed, I sure can suffer.

The wireless cameras last nine months on a charge and can be placed pretty much anywhere with a single screw.For more information, you can check out their website.So for , now until March, there's literally no excuse for you to miss out on this season's powder!I’m definitely sporting a lot more pedal-induced shin injuries, but I feel pretty cool riding around town—and that’s what really matters, right?—Kyra Kennedy, photo editor At least once a year I get sidelined from my preferred sport and find myself, like clockwork, back in a musty locker room, wrestling with a too-tight one-piece and foggy goggles. I’m slow, my form is poor, and I always lose count of my laps.

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