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Despite this new wave, little research has been done on h entering the United States in 2010, according to the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (Institute of Mexicans Abroad).

Many come from La Huasteca, the region I described during a Southern Foodways symposium in 2012 as the South’s brothers from another migration reflects much modern-day Mexican migration to the States: people come from Southern Mexico, and are frequently indigenous.

My cultures were cargaderense, jerezano, and zacatecano, hyper-regional identities referring to my parent’s home village (El Cargadero) and municipality (Jerez) in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Over a century of migration from those areas to my hometown of Anaheim, California, resulted in a community of thousands where our definition of “Mexican” differed from what Americans knew.

In 1978, while working at a ranch in Texas, a smuggler told him there was better money in the tobacco fields of the Tar Heel State.

He went, found the living good, then sent word to relatives in Cuajinicuilapa and in Santa Ana, California, where an Afro-Mexican community had already established itself.

Here is a community from the municipality of Ixmiquilpan, made up of mostly Otomí Indians (or, as they call themselves, Hñähñu).

Parties feature the region’s musical genre called —think sped-up Stax horns mixed with a galloping percussion section.

The city has also hosted Guerrero’s most popular comedian, Tico Mendoza, who goes by the nickname “El Arrecho De La Costa” (politely, “The Flirt from the Coast”).

On Alexandria Drive, in the heart of Lexington’s barrio (called “Mexington”), multiple businesses use the name “Aguascalientes”: supermarkets, bakeries, taquerías, a sports bar, and more.

This concentrated naming convention is always a telltale sign that a particular diaspora has set up camp in an American city.

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“I saw black people, and I was dumbfounded,” Vaughn told the in 2005.

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