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Not quite 47, but definitely looks like she's pushing 40. You know, where you check out a chick from behind and you're like "yeah" and then she turns her head and you're like "ahhhh!

I've noticed it in everyday life, too--a lot of women think that just because they stay thin, they look younger.

So who is this sometimes raunchy and always unfiltered comedienne who puts a smile on our faces despite her own harrowing trials and tribulations? The family, which included Chelsea Handler and her five siblings, lived in New Jersey, and they also had a summer home in Martha's Vineyard. '" she told When visiting her friends, Handler was able to really notice the difference in her family's income level and lifestyle.

She doesn't even know what was going on," Handler told that as she got older, she was able to attain everything she ever wanted, thanks to her career.Sadly, the painful memories from her formative years followed her into adulthood despite her achievements, which include being crowned a best-selling author multiple times, hosting her own talk show, and spearheading her own self-titled Netflix program.Many of her fans are unaware of just what this New Jersey native has battled — from finding out her dad was hiding a family secret to her never-ending struggles with anxiety."[My siblings would] go to their high school parties and bring me because I had this attitude.I was their little entertainment wind-up doll," she told Like many comedians who've gone through traumatic experiences, that tragic incident paved the way for a lifetime of using laughter to help get through the trying times.

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After terminating the pregnancy, she described feeling "relieved." Nevertheless, Handler got pregnant by the same guy for a second time that same year, which she admits was "irresponsible." "I didn't have the money the second time.

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