Is jillian harris dating anyone

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Is jillian harris dating anyone

Follow the jump for his thoughts on Wes, Juan, David and more … Everyone thought Juan was a spy, working for the show.

On Randy: “[I think I was] someone who was pretty quality throughout and not like, for example, an unemployed bartender.” Bitter much, Sash? When he needs to be in the picture, he’ll look like just one of the guys hanging out.

On to a more positive topic, the dates this week were over the top. My date with Ed was truly the definition of “living on the edge.” At the time, Ed seemed so easy-breezy about going over the edge of that building, but he later revealed to me that he was a nervous wreck! I was really proud of him, and had a blast acting with him. Actually, thinking back, I was also very proud of Tanner for sporting that ridiculous costume.

The best part about Ed moving into the house was his house attire – Ed would lounge around the mansion like he owned the place, wearing a silk robe and cucumber eye masks (and later on, drinking blended margaritas at 8 a.m. For the record, some of the kisses on the western date were really awkward (sorry guys! But I totally appreciated how the guys were all really going for it, and I had fun being a good sport! The poor guy was last to be “outfitted,” and that was all that was left He was such a good sport about it – even when I made fun of his furry chaps.

Now on to the group date, or as I like to call it, the Western Porn. He’s never been in love and that’s something she wants her partner to have gone through.

Tanner P., I’m sorry man, that outfit was just wrong. My question: Did we really send him home on a city bus?

You can’t think this guy is creepy ’cause he’s too damn funny. At this point, Dave was being extremely rude and condescending to Juan.

Personality was really nice and sweet, but nice and sweet, that only gets you so far.” Sasha quickly backpedaled and added of Jilly, “The further and further I got along, and it was the weirdest thing, ’cause at our date, I remember the yellow heels she was wearing. She’s so beautiful.” Sasha had plenty to say about the remaining dudes vying for Jillian Harris.

In reality, he wasn’t doing any of that.” On David: “His dad had three heart attacks [by age] 50, so it just runs in the family I guess. Dave just has a personal mission to almost destroy Juan.

Obviously, there are some anger-management issues going on there.” On Wes: “Wes is an entertainer; he’s a musician. I don’t think he came on the show just for that reason.

When asked in a conference call following his departure if Jillian is attracted to jerks, Sasha could not resist taking a couple of parting shots.

“It’s almost maybe like she wants to be attracted more to the nice guys, but she finds herself drawn to almost the, I don’t want to say jerks, but the tougher personalities,” said Petrovic, a 27-year-old oil consultant from Texas. “When I first met her, walking out of the limo, I was like, eeesh, not really my type,” he said.

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It’s times like those that I really wish I had a secret little camera to get the inside scoop.

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