Is joe mauer dating anyone

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Is joe mauer dating anyone

See below: You know you're a dependable guy when you're 43 years old and you're still with the same girl you were dating in elementary school. Apparently.)The Greatest Closer in the History of Baseball met his future wife Clara when they were just wee little ones in Panama. Mike Lowell was the leader of not one, but two World Series-winning teams: One surprise contender in Florida and another built-to-win machine in Boston.

They got married in November 1991, which was still about three years before his professional career began with the New York Yankees. When you have two rings (and a nifty-old World Series MVP, too), retirement is a lot easier to swallow.

He kind of deserves it; he's a three-time All-Star and widely regarded as one of the best point guards in basketball.

He also set the trend for people like Le Bron by marrying his high school sweetheart, Amy, very early in his NBA career.

The two got married shortly after Sabathia made his big league debut with the Indians.

Plenty of people in the baseball universe—whether they're fans of Mc Carthy or not—are aware of his wife Amanda's presence.

She certainly makes herself known on Twitter and to the press, which is actually fine because she's pretty hilarious. He may not be in baseball anymore, but when he was, life was so good.

The select group of professional athletes who married their high school sweethearts may be small in number, but it is strong in spirit. Tyler Seguin liked to complain that he didn't fit in on the Boston Bruins roster because he was the only single guy on the team.

For all intents and purposes, then, Jarome Iginla should fit in just fine.

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The Hall of Famer also has a nice little family life to keep him satisfied.