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My face is dripping, my hips are drooping, and my body is shaking like a metal ruler that’s been whacked across a palm. If she’d knocked out my front teeth, I’d probably still have walked around smiling for the rest of the day.

Hewitt, meanwhile, is cracking jokes.“9-1-1, what is your emergency? When we reconvene for lunch a few hours later, I'm still high on endorphins, and Hewitt tells me why the boxing gym became her second home: “I didn’t start because I was going back on TV.

I’m not doing it to compete with people—I’m just doing it because I’m in love with it.” Hewitt suggested we go boxing, it turns out, because it represents a new chapter in her life—one in which she’s prioritizing herself over the expectations of others.

On screen—as, it seems, in life—Hewitt gravitates to nurturing roles.

If Hewitt appears to be plotting anything today, though, it’s how she plans to celebrate fall, her favorite season, with her family.

“Feel this,” she says, showing me a skeleton-patterned sweats set she picked up for Atticus on the way over.

He remembers, for example, scripting a dream sequence that called for Hewitt to wear a white t-shirt—only to find her in “a sexy nightgown with a lot of cleavage” when he arrived to set. (The disposition I can vouch for.) When her movie career faltered a bit in the early-aughts (the less said about , in which she unselfconsciously introduced the world to vajazzling.

She oversaw the majority of her photo shoots, even—maybe especially—the more scantily-clad ones.

A couple of significant life events brought her to the point of taking a step back from public life: She’d just had her second child, Atticus, who’s now three (her daughter, Autumn, will be five in November); and she was still grieving the death of her mother, who died suddenly in 2012, just after Hewitt started work on That Hewitt wasn’t able to mourn her mom’s death in private is something that still weighs on her.

Every girl wanted to be her, and every boy had a poster of her on his wall.

At 18, Hewitt remembers, she found herself at a press junket for , explaining to adult journalists that, yes, her breasts were real.

Jennifer Love Hewitt once planked for five minutes. I figured we'd discuss Hewitt’s return to television on Ryan Murphy’s , the show that launched Hewitt’s career and introduced fans to the cathartic power of Bo Deans' “Closer to Free.”Instead, by , we’re jogging the width of the gym, back and forth, back and forth, as part of an exhaustive warm-up that includes lunges, squats, more squats, squats, and three minutes on the Mount Everest of "total body cardio equipment" called the Versa Climber. I keep forgetting to keep my gloves up and tripping over the footwork, while Hewitt moves with skill and determination, jabbing and ducking like Dolph Lundgren.

She tells me this while holding the position for three minutes. She breaks form only briefly, once to hop around to Cardi B’s “I Do,” and once to laugh at an inside joke with Leyon, who's become a loyal friend.

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Ask her about the CBS hit , which aired from 2005 to 2010 and starred Hewitt as a woman who can commune with earthbound spirits, and she'll tell you, “She wasn’t just a person with a gift. It was more that she truly felt for and cared about the people that she was helping.” On Lifetime's , the Fox procedural about first responders in Los Angeles, hews closely to the same pattern. People will see her composed on the phone, but fully dealing with the pain and anguish of the callers [once she hangs up].”Hewitt was cast on the show to fill a void left by beloved Connie Britton,” says showrunner Tim Minear, who created the series with Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

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