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Jrunr dating

Amazon has applied for patents, on a bunch of things including a warehouse that floats and drones that can reassemble, from small to bigger drones and I think it's a bit of a head-fake just so they can dominate the front page so right now we're all obsessed with their second hard quarters yeah most, companies, most. A retailer, that refuses, to pay sales tax treats his employees. Attendance Goes down but our questions, and anxieties, are bigger and bigger creates a void for religion, apples our religion Steve Jobs is our Jesus Christ and this is the new cross Wow. Controversial, at all, and, you say a social media firm that analyzes, thousands. Your phone as a listening device and, sells, the information to Fortune 500, companies what is Facebook. Sidious with it the scary part though is that Facebook has shown, us they haven't put in place that the safeguards, to ensure that it's not weaponized, by bad actors, right, the scary thing isn't it it isn't that Facebook's listening it's that an Intelligence Unit of the Russian government might be listening right so, they're hacking in somehow Zak one of Zacks, here running, the sound but his, brother Andy, is convinced. Things and, he's like I don't want to be in the room trust me if listening to us these fools 45 cent 45, seconds, backwards, but it's gonna create all sorts of interesting. A violation, of privacy versus, crime prevention there's, just gonna be some very interesting things that happen with these new technologies, or somebody yells out fire, or, something loud enough where I've fallen and I can't get up I fucking I can't get up my work I got a 99 year old grandma and then lastly, you, said an ad platform. Competition, and aren't subject to the same antitrust. You have with Google and the other technology, companies that you reference, it so powerful, is they have a different, Gestalt most consumer, companies think if we have a good year for Chanel, or a product and Gamble we raise price, price inflation tech. It let's, raise prices yeah, so, in a way it can be good but maybe it's one of those monsters, that. I think if you look at the cost of education, its outpaced. Dictated, by, the college you go to at the level of education and education, has become unattainable, it's become so expensive for kids like me right, who was raised by a single mother who was a secretary just three miles down the road here the, thing driving the costs is this, Union. It's symptoms, and treatment, of croup into the Google dialog box yeah it was our modern man's got all of these tap into a specific instinct. Taps into our need to love, one of the wonderful things about our species is we not only need to be loved kids. Operating, system of the second, most important, screen in our lives this is number one number two is TV and that's not flicks ah girls. Of dollars did you really say floating, warehouses, so. Hundreds, of thousands, of jobs and yet, is celebrated, as a paragon of business innovation I'm assuming tell my Amazon yeah then, you say a computer, company that withholds, information about, a domestic act, of terrorism from federal investigators. The support of a fan following they've used the firm similar to religion Apple, that's right so, the relay you consider Apple almost religious, state for as we become more educated and affluent church. Us when we don't know it so they if you have the Facebook app open, there's ambient, listening now to be fair it's just there so it can serve you more relevant ads so if you're at an Adele concert, you might get served her album, they're not having anything and. That when it hears a gunshot to, call the police automatically. Now Google comes in and you're talking about how their ad revenues gone up but they've been able to deliver, a lower. To advertising so, is that a good thing that they so, may be monopolies, are good in this case because they're offering, us cheap, the fact that Amazon, is almost a monopoly, on online they're, able to buy in bulk and ship so it can monopolies, be good or are they evil, so the, term natural monopolies, is that in some sectors that require enormous capital investment, might make, sense to have let, someone have monopolies like power so, certain cable companies are offered, limited. While lowering, its price is 21% so, if you're selling TV ads or print ads you, have to compete with a Google that has better products, this year and lowered its prices 21%. Eats more and more of the economy, yeah because it's view point is let's massively, improve our product, but let's also lower the prices yes there's most consumer, companies go if we're killing. Good part four but for those you chiming in late, Willis we're with. For the hidden DNA of Amazon Apple Facebook, and Google. Scott Galloway flew out here was kind enough to come out you, got great people recommending. Whole year, you think the structure is almost wastes, people time and it makes money for the colleges but doesn't serve them best yeah. Ill, I think our university, system has effectively become a caste system where, you're a few largely, unfortunately. As when we're educated, more affluent we don't depend as much on a super being but we still have modern-day anxieties, and questions well Mike it'd be all right a prayer is that you send, a query into the universe hoping there's divine intervention, it sends you back an answer now. To rival Amazon's, okay, we were it's like uber eats was the beginning, of it that's right I was wrong the, fifth right, now the good money in my view is the.We all suspected that these people exist in places like Florida and California, and it is fascinating to see one in real life.Google This is a digita J copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. The result was that the Congres,s only offered to Greece some small scraps of Thcssaly and Epirus. A lot of concerns one there's now something called Google Answers where, people are now asking Google because they trusted more than their treat their priest their rabbi the scholar questions, and Google is, answering, them for us yeah and the question is do we want to outsource, truth, my, kid no longer looks to me for answers he asks, Alexa, right, so are we comfortable with. You you kind of honed, in on the crux of the issue and that is what. Teams get their pink slips every January 1 because. Talked about the, constraints, on Alibaba, was capital, I thought that was interesting, compared to Amazon they don't have access to cheap capital also Alibaba, suffers, a little bit from what Tesla suffers. It's so for, example, with Google, there's.

2018-03-18 Tai's mannerisms, verbal articulations and general behavior indicate that he is a real life rich idiot.

Galloway he flew out here on his way to Vegas to party he's. But it's important, and some, books are interesting, but not important, and some, books are important, but not interesting so this is kind of both so. Design, in, creativity, and marketing, abilities, I this is how I think about it correct me if I'm wrong to, me when I think of Apple it embodies, the, ability, to have, sleek, designs. Marketing, scarcity, marketing, it's this beautiful it's, kind of beautiful when, I think of Google like you like you said I, a lot. Information, technology, is ultimately, that so they have Ph Ds, in library, science if you get a Ph D in library science you're, probably, gonna go work at somewhere like Google, when I think of, Amazon. Low-cost, provider meaning Apple can go into the supply chain and secure components. We're signaling, to the world if you study you, know classic. Are gonna be like you're trying to signal that's women that not only gonna have one Lamborghini. Billion but what Amazon, and Netflix have been able to do is that they. Real Estate watch, out there's a crash and then when no one wanted to buy Florida, real estate in 2009. God Bless you fam* ❤️ 2018-02-02 superstores owned by single family lines. but hey, still worth it to make 5 mill :) 2018-02-11 I hope the people watching this video check out Professor Scott Galloway's You Tube channel L2inc — it's SUPER insightful and if you enjoyed this convo you'll LOVE that channel and all of his other talks 2018-02-15 At 5 in the morning eh Tai?

As one of the top business professors, and he wrote a book. I think is important, it's, not just interesting. Of the world we live in now almost, works, for these companies, in that traditional, media now, is the PR department and you, and I a. I mean for sure most, of month me and my business partner, has spent 600. You talked about in this book is the ultimate, case study if you dissect. Almost have a micro, model for, anything that you want to do you're gonna need to know these skills so you're gonna need to know the. Artisanship have disposable, income and that you have good genes this is saying I am a good, card game a little bit this is the feathers, the new luxury item and as a result, has, been able to pull off the impossible the. About wealth on the Forbes 400 when, you subtract people who've inherited their money and what, a large percentage, of, them were either and reached our luxury, goods yeah so, there's there's money and that's that procreation, side of where, we have luxury. Let's Say paying roughly ten so they're doing a billion a month in, revenue. Certainly, not at the level I mean I think Amazon, if I'm correct I did, the math there grossing like three hundred million dollars a day or something it sounds, right I think they're about 120. But, when you're there focus, on it you don't really like tinder dating, and thinking, oh there's always a better job and stay there as long as it makes sense be exceptionally, loyal until you aren't yeah, and but going back to the city two-thirds of economic, growth over the next 20 years are gonna take place in cities when you're in a city have you ever played, tennis and rallied with someone who's better than you and your game immediately goes out right when, you're in a city you're with you're on the court with a bunch of players that are better than you and you're just gonna raise your game, what are you cities make you less happy but they make you more money so buy a decent that's actually a decent I have, some couple farms I bought in Virginia so what I do is try to rotate around yep, so if you can pull it off have, a house in the mountains a house of the beach and then, go, back I go back to LA it's almost like going back into war yeah, back into the Thunderdome back to the Thunder so. More boring the the industry, the higher the ROI because, the sexy, industries are over invested, and they're like any asset, class when everyone's buying Florida. not for the money but for the personal mentorship or advise. 2018-02-08 He's not giving any different perspective he's just using marketing buzz words to repeat the same thing, Apple is religion and Google is God and blablabla, the only controversial thing he said that made Tai speechless was at where he says kids with poor nutrition but high level of affection have a greater outcome, that's a totally false statement, he apparently extrapolated his own privileged experience to encompass everyone else, poor nutrition kills millions of children around the world and those who survive suffer a reduced IQ for the rest of their lives and this marketing clown promotes it as a good outcome. 2018-02-08 , maybe i am an idiot but, He said he and his business partner spent 600 million combined on marketing between facebook and google... either he is lying or his profit margins are fuckin crazy..

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. And while by the secret treaty with the Porte, Cyprus was handed over to the English (a distant possession of very doubtful utility), Crete which Jay near to Greece, and was always longing and struggling for union with it, condemned to remain in bondage to the Turk, And th U was ' peace with honour." Even the grudging measures of relief meted out to Greece and Montenegro by the Treaty were not ful Allcd until a change took place in the English Ministry.

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