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The same goes for Skype, Yahoo chats and the cameras on our laptops. They allow us unprecedented, instant communication with colleagues, friends and loved ones. The laptop you already own will do nicely thanks to their built-in cameras and microphones.Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson wrote a disturbing piece last year revealing how hackers, including unsophisticated teenage boys who purchase the right software, routinely infect and take over the laptops of thousands of innocent victims so they can watch them through their laptop cameras.Customers can then rate the Play Dates on their “hotness, gaming skills, and flirtatiousness.”The 18-and-over service will first support on the Xbox 360, with other games and other platforms soon to follow.Game Crush also supports little Flash games, which have the added bonus of supporting video chat.

Open CV) and attempt to determine sex of subject through that.Microsoft has joined other tech companies in the U. in calling for strict controls on government surveillance through the Internet.I’m prepared to call Microsoft equally sincere in its reply, if only because allowing a consumer device to be part of a widespread spying program would be a public relations nightmare that would destroy the Xbox as a product.Nothing in the story suggests that notion was followed up on or succeeded.I contacted Microsoft Canada for comment and its PR folks replied with much the same answer: they were unaware of such a spying program and strongly opposed any such action by government.

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