Laws of under age dating

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Laws of under age dating

As your child gets older, it’s important to give them enough freedom to learn how to make their own choices and lead more independent lives.At the same time, setting reasonable boundaries on their activities can help teenage children make responsible decisions and develop healthy habits.For example, poor weather conditions might make it dangerous for them to drive.Or maybe their designated driver has gotten drunk and they need to call a cab.Similarly, some jurisdictions set limits on when teens can drive at night.It’s your responsibility to know and follow the laws in your area — and to help your child do the same.In some cases, parents set a blanket curfew that stays the same from one night to the next.

Setting a realistic curfew can help your teenage child stay safe at night, get enough sleep, and learn how to make responsible choices about how they spend their time.When establishing a curfew for your teen, it might be helpful to consider these factors: Does your town, city, or state have any laws that might affect your child’s curfew?In some parts of the country, there are juvenile curfew laws that prohibit children below a certain age from spending time in public after certain hours.Clearly communicating the consequences of breaking curfew might motivate your child to abide by it.If they do break their curfew, let them know that you were worried but you’re happy that they’re home safe.

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It’s important to clearly communicate when you expect them to arrive home each night and create consequences for being late.

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