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If you wish to send any of this data to the support engineer handling your case, please address any email to [email protected] ZIP format, and the Subject line must include your case number.

Read more If you’re having synchronization problems with either WSUS or System Center Configuration Manager, here’s a friendly reminder that we have a great troubleshooter that will walk you through diagnosing and fixing some of the more common issues that may be encountered when sync fails.Are there any good books/articles to read on multi-tenant systems or data synchronization which provide some good points on how to create a system like this?Not sure if there are existing framework other than sync, I had similar requirement a while back but couldn't use MS Sync as I wasn't using mssql.The WSUS health monitoring service automatically checks the health of WSUS components as long as WSUS server components are installed on the computer and the following WSUS components are checked for potential problems: The events generated by the health monitoring service are logged in the Application event log so chances are good we’ll ask for this.Beyond the Application event log, the other files we’ll likely request will be determined by the exact issue you’re experiencing.

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In this post, I’ll be discussing an issue where the Server Cleanup Wizard for WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 2 times out when attempting to delete computers that have…