Mvc validating models

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Mvc validating models

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After extensive discussion among the team, we've decided to make a last-minute change to ASP.

I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. NET MVC is an open source and lightweight web application development framework from Microsoft.

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Server-side validation must be done whether we validate the received data on the client side.

User could disable script in his browser or do something else to bypass client-side validation.

To understand what we did, let's start with where we were a couple days ago.

NET MVC 2 in regards to way that validation is handled.

The conversation was kick-started by my blog post about the Required attribute and what it does (and does not) mean.

In this case server-side validation must required to protect our data from dirty input.

In MVC Razor, we can validate a model server side by below two ways: Afer running the project and navigating to Explicit Server page you will get the below page.

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Is Valid returns true and you will be shown Completed view as shown in fig.

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