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Men’s preferences (in order) were: commitment, attractiveness, social skills, resources and sexiness.In contrast, women’s preferences in order were: commitment, social skills, resources, attractiveness and sexiness.

The purpose of our study is to apply a corpus-based methodology in order to allow a larger scale study of the key words and topics in this type of data.In our data, all five of Pawłowski and Dunbar’s categories appear as statistically significant key semantic domains, and we find other statistically significant categories.Being happy, energetic and enjoying life appear at the top of our list.The number of online dating classified ads have grown rapidly in recent years.As Fiore (2004: 13) describes, they “have shed their stigma as matchmakers for the awkward to claim a prominent role in the social lives of millions of people”, and “the base of users spans generations, breaking the 20- or 30-something age ceiling common in many online social environments”.

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The category of social skills (with the focus on traits that “allow individuals to keep a relationship going even during difficult times, at least part of which entails the ability to keep a mate entertained”) was exemplified in Pawłowski and Dunbar (1999b: 55), and was also explained in Dunbar et al (2007: 77) as being considerate, having a sense of humour and being a good listener.

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