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This week, in the name of journalism, I was sat stark naked in a private room at The Exhibit in Balham.I was there alongside 30 other single men and women, all with their bits, boobs and balls hanging out. No, this wasn’t the annual meeting for London’s unofficial nudist club, but the UK’s first naked speed dating event, brought to you by the 33-year-old founder of Date In A Dash, Rob Ryall.The orgy that both Ryall and I had expected didn’t happen, though.As he blew his whistle and told us it was time to get our clothes back on, there were disappointed sighs across the room.As we were chatting, he also informed me that he’d chosen to wear the cock ring, because it restricted his penis from getting hard at the sight of so many beautiful women. Rob, 33, is on the committee of the World Naked Bike Ride in London.

‘Everyone’s on the same level, and as a doctor, nudity isn’t something that bothers me.

There we were: skinny, curvy, a little bit round, a little bit square, small boobs, big boobs, small, medium and large penises, cellulites and hairy butt cracks. There’s a special camaraderie in being naked and vulnerable together, so the pressure was off.

Friends Sam, 26, and Gemma, 27, came to the event together and during the break, told me about their experiences. ‘I thought it was going to be awkward and weird, because you can see everything, but it hasn’t been pervy or gross.

At first, I anticipated that most of the women and men would keep their underwear on.

But, in the end, only one man and three women kept their underwear on.

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