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Nudist hookup

Clothing is optional.”The “clothing is optional” part sold me. I packed a light bag that included a sexy little cocktail dress, my bikini and a change of clothes as well as my toiletries.

I met up with Sarah and we headed off to the resort which was about an from the city we lived in. Sarah told me there were wine coolers in the cooler in the back seat, so I quickly downed two of them as we drove to the resort. We drove up to a gate where a security guard signed us in.

The sight of the one guy with a chiseled set of tight abs and a tight ass, made my womanly senses tingle. I looked up to see if I might recognize the face, since I most certainly was recognizing the male body part standing about three feet in front of me.“George Papadakis”George was a supervising manager at the accounting firm where I worked.

I told Sarah she needed to hold up on the lotion.“Control yourself,” Sarah remarked, as she took note of my staring. “My name is Jamie.”“No,” He replied, “Your name is Jessica and you work in accounting.”Double the “oh NO! He was the last person I would have figured to ne a nudist.

When she first prosed the idea, I was like, “No Way!

” In my mind, I pictured a bunch of fat old men and women lounging around, totally naked, playing cards, or shuffleboard.

“They’re probably gay.”Damn.“What a waist,” I replied. Everyone at work called him “George P” because no one could seemingly remember or say his last name. I looked at Sarah.“George and I know each other well,” Sarah replied.

Sarah chuckled.“Don’t get me in trouble with Jeff,” she said.“Who is Jeff? Jeff was a good boyfriend, and he met my needs in a lot of ways, but I had to secretly profess, the bedroom was his strong point. I was also pretty sure he was gay- or at least that was the rumors at work.“You don’t see me here,” I quickly replied.“That’s funny,” George shot back, “because you look like you’re here.”“I’m serious,” I replied. George pulled up a chair and sat down, while I tried to reassess things.“How do you know George?

”I could see the blood vessels pulsating in George’s cock as it hung limply between his legs. He had a great looking well-toned body, the result, I was sure of a lot of hard work and exercise.“Actually,” George replied, “I am a Greek God and there’s little work that I have to do.”Modesty was not one of George’s strong suits.“You’ve got the body of a Greek Goddess,” George remarked as he sat in front of me, sipping on a beer.His manhood was unusually larger than a lot of the guys hanging around the pool, which I suspected brought him a lot of attention.“So welcome to my world of hedonism,” George unabashedly remarked. I had no idea what it meant at the time, so I simply replied, “I like it.”“Behave,” Sarah politely scolded George. “You should be very proud to show it off.”“What you see,” I noted, “Is what you get.”The words just fell out of my mouth, totally unchecked.I knew as soon as I said them, I was probably in deep trouble.I wasn’t judgmental, because her lifestyle was simply her choice and besides, I had Jeff. She had a great fashion sense and she was fun to be around.A few weeks back, Sarah invited me to go with her to a nudist resort.

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I was happy to see the resort had some security measures in place and that made me feel a little more comfortable. We both changed into our bikinis, deciding to check out the pool area, which I quickly leaned was the main attraction at the resort.