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Owa global address list not updating

Any search function, such as looking up an address when composing a message or subscribing to a calendar, uses the GAL to search against.After a change is made, it may take up to 24-48 hours for those updates to be reflected in the GAL.on March 30 to inform tenants that Office 365 will hide groups created by Teams from Outlook by default.This is to end the potential confusion that can occur when a group used by Teams also appears in Outlook and OWA.If the group is visible to Exchange, users can easily send email to the group and the members who subscribe to the group will receive copies in email.You can hide a group from Exchange and still send email to it using its SMTP address, but only administrators will be able to retrieve that address easily.

This doesn’t matter for our check because if a group mailbox does not have a Conversation History folder, it cannot have a Team Chat sub-folder, which is good evidence that the group has never been team-enabled and we can ignore these groups.

Among the information reported for each group is the number of compliance records found and a timestamp to tell us the last recorded compliance record.

These should help us decide whether a team-enabled group is active.

Office 365 will not retrospectively set the property, so if you look at Office 365 Groups in a tenant today, you will see that every group created before the change is effective have this property set to $False. The only people who can decide about hiding groups from user view when team-enabled groups have been in use for up to eighteen months are those who understand how people use the groups.

If you want to hide team-enabled groups from Outlook, you must first find what groups Teams use.

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