Pimp dating

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Pimp dating

"LOOK THEM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES, AND ” And that was my catalyst.

So I decided to sit down for MONTHS and really break down what it meant to HAVE WOMEN FLOCKING TO YOU.

And if you absorb 10% of what’s in store, your game will seriously take a major spike and you’ll notice it in record time Tyler learned Game from me and I learned Game from him.

We went out for OVER TWO YEARS STRAIGHT pimping the streets and clubs of L. (home of the hottest and most exclusive club scene in the world, where models, celebrities and professional athletes go party) Oftentimes, when we’d go out individually we’d have less success than going out and pimping it together.

But in order for you to be able to “free up some Mental RAM”, I broke down the “what do I say” portion of my Game.

It took me roughly 8 months to figure out how to resolve this. I tell you all the tricks I used to come back STRONGER from Drunk to Sober Game.

Every single RSD instructor has learned something from him...

This is a Guy Who Would Invite Tyler to the Playboy Mansion and Fuck 3 Playboy Models the Same Night This is the guy who goes to Vegas with the RSD Crew and out of 7 nights, he pulled 7 EXTREMELY HOT GIRLS, then went back for a 5 day week, and pulled another 5 STUNNERS This guy has NEVER been a part of an RSD product before, he tries as hard as possible to stay out of the limelight but I twisted his arm into giving you everything he’s got This guy is the real deal.

You’ll know exactly how to SMOOTHLY approach any situation and get the girl THAT NIGHT Once you’re passed the hook-point, you want to make the interaction into an equal tennis match.

In this section, I teach you how to build the comfort she needs, and how to cement you in her reality as a “Real Person” who she’ll fantasize being with Words don’t mean anything. Once you’ve mastered the Vibe you’ll understand this yourself.

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