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Live players struggle most with this (since their games often start in the evenings.They'll not only be unavailable during these times but will also be out of the house.Even if your partner's particularly compassionate, understanding, or just generally good at cheering you up, it's unfair to let them take the brunt of your downswings.Aside from being a huge turn-off, this negativity is going to take its toll on your partner, which is sure to impact both of your overall happiness eventually too. Being stoic and maintaining a positive approach to running bad is a great way to stay on top of your game. Let's face it, one of the best things about being a poker pro is the freedom that comes with it.Being unavailable when your partner wants to hang out can definitely cause problems.

Unfortunately, most people have heard a gruesome tale of 'some guy gambling his house away on the horses'. Generally, people will have one of two reactions to finding out you’re a poker player: 1: Naturally, reaction one is great, but it's straightforward to handle the second response too.

This scenario is fantastic for holidaying with an existing partner and great for planning impulsive last-minute dates too.

It's also beneficial if you feel burned-out, overworked, or are suffering a downswing.

Instead, try to compare it with something cooler or less socially taboo.

Since poker is a form gambling by definition, I always liken it to gambling in the same way a casino or stockbroker does - since there are a lot of apparent similarities (which I'll save for another article).

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