Pros and cons of dating a marine

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Pros and cons of dating a marine

In addition to listing the pros and cons, you can enter a value between 0-10 to indicate how important each factor may be.Although a pros and cons list might only help justify a decision you have already made, it does provide an organized way to get your thoughts down on paper.Many people do this type of exercise and end up making a decision based on their gut, inspiration, or need ... That is why you don't need to make the rating and the score overly complicated.Pro-con lists are a quick and easy way to analyze a decision.I've been in a long-distance relationship for almost three years, the majority of my college career.

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The spreadsheet uses conditional formatting to display in-cell data bars, making it easy to visually compare the different factors.

You can create what is called a "Tornado Chart" by sorting the table by Value, from highest to lowest.

On Thursday, we’ll dive more into how you can improve your weighting systems when rating factors in pro-con lists and other decision tools.

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That process alone can be a stress reliever for some people.

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