Pros and cons of dating a sorority girl

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Pros and cons of dating a sorority girl

Now think about what your schedule would look like without weekly chapter meetings, charity events, dinner hours, study sessions and weekend events.Disaffiliating from your sorority could lead to more free time to spend on new things, such as participating in other clubs and activities, volunteering on your own, spending more time hitting the books, hitting the gym or simply allowing you to have a little more “me time.” Now that you’ve been in school for a while, you also no longer need the plus of having tons of girls around to show you the ins and outs of campus and nightlife in your college town.

Think about a typical week’s worth of sorority activities.

A sorority sounded like a great idea when you were a freshman—you were promised a group of girls who would clue you into campus and love and support you like a sister, hooking you up with great information about where to go, where to find great dates, how to participate in awesome campus traditions and providing you with tons of other benefits.

By sophomore, junior or senior year, however, sorority life can start seeming a little less great.

You could lose touch with some of your sisters you simply weren’t all that close to in the first place, or from others who don’t or won’t see things from your point of view.

“Girls would pass me on campus after I quit and wouldn't even acknowledge me,” says Leslie.

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Think about if you can still benefit from the network your sorority provides before you decide whether or not to leave. I could simply go to a bar if I wanted to be in the party scene and I no longer had to pay thousands of dollars to be part of a sorority,” says Leslie*, a recent college grad who left her sorority after a year.

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